Resilient Sound Isolation DeCouple Clip


The RSIC-DC04® and RSIC-DC04X2® are very versatile products. The most common use is the decoupling of wall systems. The design of the RSIC-DC04® can be used in new construction or retrofit. The RSIC-DC04X2® is twice as strong as the RSIC-DC04® for use when heavy items need to be acoustically decoupled for noise isolation. Below are some examples of the possible uses for the RSIC-DC04.

  • Dropped Ceiling
  • Garage Door Motor Isolation
  • Garage Door Rail Isolation
  • Decoupled connector for isolating walls built within another wall
  • Speaker Isolators
  • Vent Fan Isolators
  • Recessed Lighting Isolators
  • Projector Mount Isolators
  • Electrical Box or Ceiling Fan Isolators

RSIC-DC04 are engineered to support 1/4" threaded rod or bolts.



Dropped Ceilings & Mechanical Isolation


Top of Wall Support

RSIC-DC04 Wall Layout

RSIC-DC04 Acoustical Blocking

RSIC-DC04 Low Profile Wall Mount